"Fantastic rock band..."

Alex Lester - BBC Radio 2

"Hardest working band in Oxfordshire..."

Dave Gilyeat - BBC Introducing

“One of the hits of the day are Little Brother Eli… making us wonder whether they might be the next Oxfordshire band to step up to the next level.”

Nightshift Magazine

"...the band have a sound that can transcend to a wide audience... to the extent that I kinda think I'd hang out with them and have a good time."

Huey Morgan - BBC 6 Music

"Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Oxford's sharpest dressed men Little Brother Eli have released another of their Zeppelin meets Black Keys meets Rival Sons blues blusterers, and very good it is too. Frontman Alex Grew is on particularly impressive form, with a fierce, irresistibly funky vocal"

Classic Rock Magazine

"Hitting you right between the eyes, this indie guitar sucker punch comes flying at you with drums pounding and guitars cranked right up for maximum impact."

Record Of The Day

"Packs enough of a punch to suggest they’re a band with a foot in music’s past but eyes on a bigger, brighter future. "

Nightshift Magazine

"Sharp, fun and loud, Little Brother Eli do not believe in doing things by half. Their music is a perfect fusion of rock & roll, blues, garage and soul – with a bit of hip hop thrown in for good measure."

Tim Hughes - The Oxford Times

"How on earth can a band this good be unsigned? This album immediately arrested – a great sound that was hard to silo into a genre: rock-garage-blues perhaps, but ultimately the band’s sound is entirely its own. Add to that some outstanding vocals and you have the makings of a fine album. After only three listens to Cold Tales, I had decided this was one of my top two albums so far of 2016."

Guy Bellamy - 107 Meridian FM

"This is a band that knows who they are and where they want to go... Keep your eyes on this band… they’re definitely ones to watch!"

Marijana Mladenić - Subba Cultcha

"Rapidly becoming one of our favourite new albums of 2016. Little Brother Eli has grown up, and are ready to take on the world."

Right Chord Music

"full of energy that makes it fun to listen to, great guitar work and some big tracks, this band have made an album that live is going to be so much fun to listen to." 9/10

Thinking Lyrically

"They’ve got riffs, they’ve got balls, they’ve got attitude and most importantly, they have got some damn fine tunes. This is a band going places."

Keith - The Rock Club

"Merging the delights of true Americana with a dash of modernity and a sprinkling of dirty soul, these boys are now on the ‘must listen’ list for every self respecting rock fan."

Danielle De Wolfe - One Stop Record Shop

"Little Brother Eli ain’t that little anymore! ‘Cause with release of their extraordinary debut album Cold Tales, they definitely earned their spot on your main playlist! Slick guitar licks, with that pinch of funkiness and raw vocals, gives their razor sharp blues-rock that electric energy, that’s sh*t kicking from start to finish!.."

The Dutch Guy